Sadhana in the sun – Yoga studios and retreats in Mallorca

In Mallorca you can not only soak up the sun, but also positive energy. The island in the Mediterranean sea is home to a lively spiritual scene. Whether it's yoga, sound baths, ecstatic dance or empowering women's circles, you'll find workshops and offers all over the island. It is an invitation to connect more deeply with your true self and a deeper sense of purpose.

Swimming in crystal-clear bays, hiking in the mountains and, of course, practicing yoga – the island is a delightful vacation destination. In addition to the many spiritual offerings, the abundance of nature and the slow rhythm of island life will help you restore your balance.

I'll share with you some of the my favorite yoga studios & retreats in Mallorca.

Young woman practicing yoga on a sunny day right by the Mediterranean sea on Mallorca.
© Milena Magerl

I like to recommend not only yoga retreats, but also yoga studios that are open every day. This gives you the opportunity to spontaneously drop in to a class if you feel like yoga and some mental and physical wellness during your vacation on Mallorca.

This is definitely also a great option to create your own little yoga retreat if you don't have the budget for a curated yoga retreat on the island.

1. Yoga del Mar

I can't decide what I love most about Yoga del Mar. Is it the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea? Listening to the gentle sound of the waves in shavasana? Or the fantastic teachers who teach wonderful classes with great knowledge and authenticity?

Actually, it doesn't really matter. The most important thing is that you and your yoga mat find your way here. No problem if you don't have your own mat, you can also borrow one from the studio.

The two founders are two kind-hearted souls. Nina and Yasmin have been following the path of yoga for a long time. Eventually they fulfilled a real dream when opening their studio in Portixol, not far from the centre of Palma.

Young woman practicing yoga on a sunny day right by the Mediterranean sea on Mallorca.
© Lukas Popp | Milena Magerl

I recommend attending a morning yoga session on a sunny day. These usually take place outside the studio on a platform right by the sea. Please check the schedule to find out which classes are currently offered on the outdoor platform.


2. Sadhana Works

Sadhana Works and the School of Consciousness were founded on the belief that there is powerful potential within each and every one of us. All we need to do is find a way to discover, awaken and nurture it.

And that is exactly what you can do here. Through energy work and the practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation, the lead teacher and founder Mariana Salinas, Dr. Harpreet, and her team of dedicated yoginis inspire their students to live a conscious lifestyle.

All year round, Mariana invites renowned teachers from around the world, including Deepak Chopra and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, to share their knowledge through retreats, workshops, experiences and trainings.



Studio HEAT is located in a historic residence in the heart of Palma's old town. This space is dedicated to pamper your body and mind in a luxurious atmosphere. It's the best place to spend a cozy afternoon and allow yourself a little me-time.

It is the second branch of Stockholm's first Recovery Lounge. The signature treatments include all kinds of beauty rituals. Infrared saunas, massages and facials offer a profound revitalizing experience.

But it's not just about the outer appearance that matters here, it's also about the inner qualities. In the on-site yoga studio you can practice Kundalini, Katonah yoga and vinyasa yoga sessions. You can also join breath work classes or treat yourself with a gong and sound bath.

The studio is set in a domed room of warm sandstone and candle light ambience, creating wonderful vibrations.

Young woman practicing yoga in a modernised arch with candles and warm lights.
© Milena Magerl | Lukas Popp

I recommend attending a yoga class with Pia. With a lot of empathy, she creates powerful classes that make you feel strong but soft at the same time.


4. Earth Yoga

Bright rooms, friendly teachers and a relaxed atmosphere. Practicing yoga at Earth Yoga feels light and effortless and allows you to bring these qualities of simplicity and naturalness into your life.

There are two studios in Palma, one in Portals and one in the popular Santa Catalina district. I recommend practicing in the latter, as there are plenty of cafés around where you can enjoy the day in the sun after your yoga session. My all-time favorite is the Plant Shack.

Look out for a class with Emmeline on the schedule. She is a wonderful soul and sometimes she accompanies her gentle yoga and meditation classes with her angelic singing voice or with guitar music.


5. Osa Major

Surrounded by ancient olive trees, rolling hills and a lovely garden, the Osa Major residence is a haven for those wishing to embrace the tranquil side of Mallorca.

The villa combines artistic design, spiritual atmosphere and luxurious comfort. From March until October or November, you can take part in various yoga retreats offered by inspiring people from all over the world.

Awaken your spirit surrounded by Mediterranean serenity at the yoga retreat of Osa Major.


6. S'espai

The beautiful town of Soller nestles in a valley surrounded by the impressive Tramuntana mountains and lush orange groves. If you are vacationing here, you should definitely consider a yoga session with my dear friend Lily at the S'espai yoga studio.

In a somewhat hidden location in an industrial area, this venue doesn't seem very attractive at first. However, the yoga room itself is spacious, flooded with light and the surrounding windows provide a great view of the picturesque nature surrounding you.

Lily is trained in the Jivamukti yoga method and teaches heart-warming and empowering yoga sessions. Check out her Instagram as she is offering wholesome day retreats on the island from time to time.


7. La Serranía

The retreat center is situated in my absolute favorite part of the island. In the north, near Pollença, Mallorca unveils its serene side. Overlooking sweeping plains covered in olive and oak trees, framed by the spectacular mountains of the Tramuntana.

In the midst of this beautiful landscape, La Serranía was created as a source of positivity and zest for life to others. The owners pursue a sustainable approach, not only with respect to the environment, but also to ensure longterm wellbeing.

Here you have the opportunity to slowly rediscover the natural rhythm and reconnect with it. Spending your days in the peacefulness of nature will guide you back to inner calm. Allowing you to forget the noise of the outside world and your own mind.


8. Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat

The Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat is a luxurious boutique hideaway located just outside Santanyí. The residence is surrounded by a lush and beautifully landscaped garden. Here you can pamper yourself with holistic treatments for body, mind and soul.

It is a place that not only offers you high level of comfort, but also the true wealth in our fast-paced world that is privacy and an opportunity to recharge your batteries.

A light flooded room and healthy food at Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat in Mallorca.
© Milena Magerl

If you're a little disappointed now because you think you can't afford this luxurious retreat, let me share some good news with you. Even if you don't book a multi-day retreat at Cal Reiet, you can still join a yoga class or treat yourself to a relaxing break with a day pass.

For day retreats, there are various offers that combine yoga with a few hours by the pristine pool, fresh smoothies, a healthy and light lunch or a wellness treatment.


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