Yoga in Thailand – The best yoga studios and retreats

I've rolled out my yoga mat in numerous yoga studios and retreat throughout Thailand. In this article I share with you some of the most beautiful places for yoga in Thailand.

A tropical, secluded bay in retreat of yoga in Thailand with a little bamboo hut and palm trees in front of the blue ocean.
© Milena Magerl

Sipping fresh coconuts while lying on the beach for hours – Thailand truly is a pampering program. But isn't it actually the easy-going and cheerful attitude of the Thai people that provides the real relaxation effect during a trip to the kingdom?

The mindset of the Thai people is also reflected in the studios and yoga classes that you can visit during your trip. Yoga is not practiced in Thailand, but "played", at least that's the Thai expression "len yoka".

In almost every destination you visit as a tourist, you find one or more yoga shalas and retreats. Many studios in Bangkok focus on teaching asanas and sharing sound baths. In the north of the country and on the islands you can have a truly transformative experience including a variety of spiritual healing aspects

Traditional Thai Yoga in Thailand

Did you know that Thailand even has its own traditional form of yoga? "Ruesi Datton" is an ancient Thai healing practice that combines aspects such as meditation, yoga-like postures, acupressure and breath work. "Ruesi" refers to the ancient ascetic yogis and hermits. "Datton" means self-stretching.

Similar to yoga, the aim is to release blockages so that the energy "lom pran" can flow more freely. Do you like practicing yoga? Are you enjoying powerful Thai massages? Then you should definitely stop by Wat Pho during your visit to Bangkok. Every morning at 8 am you can join the training of the 18 poses on the temple grounds.

Where to practice yoga in Thailand?

1. Anahata Yoga Shala

If all you can think of when you hear Koh Phangan is boozy nights, colourful drinks and full moon parties, I'll introduce you to another side of the island. On the northwest coast, the vibe is more tranquil. White sandy bays with crystalline waters invite you to sunbathe and hang out all day.

When it comes to location, Anahata Yoga Shala outshines all other yoga studios on Koh Phangan. The studio is located directly on the beach of Haad Yao. Your yoga class offers front row seats to a movie-esque view. Enjoy the best view of the tropical landscape from your yoga mat and let yourself be enchanted by Zen-like moments.

Read more about the studio in detail and class rates. And find out which sessions with my favourite teachers you shouldn't miss on your Thailand yoga trip.


Practice asanas at the Anahata Yoga Shala overlooking the ocean in Thailand.

2. Orion Healing

For over eight years, my intuition has been leading me to this place again and again. It has changed and grown over time and has also accompanied me in my spiritual growth.

In the past, there was only one shala further back in the jungle. Today you can also do yoga in the beach shala with a view of the sea. Or come together with other yogis for yoga practice in the large circular shala.

But Orion Healing is much more than just a yoga studio. It is a place of community. Not only guests to the island, but also many expats join regularly for kirtan, meditation, sound experiences or spiritual workshops. Afterwards, everyone meets in the beautiful café, which forms the centre of the entire estate that stretches along the small bay.

The healing centre was originally founded as a detox and health treatment centre. It still offers a wide range of retreats and detoxes for body, mind and soul today. Orion Healing can look back on many years of experience. The team will support you not only with valuable knowledge and tips, but also with pampering wellness treatments.

In addition to massages, ice baths, infrared sauna and the newly opened infinity pool ensure your well-being.

Find more details on classes, rates and special offers and packages.


3. Vikasa Yoga

Inhale the fresh marine breeze and exhale all the stress! Vikasa is Koh Samui's answer to the architectural wonders of Bali. The shala is located directly on the cliffs of the south-eastern coast. You can enjoy a gigantic panoramic view of the bright blue sea from your yoga mat.

I recommend taking part in an XXL class at sunrise and sunset. But even when the last OM has faded away in the everyday sounds and you step out of the yoga shala, you won't have to miss this view. Because no matter where you are on the premises, nature is always present.

There is no doubt that the yoga studio and retreat is a wonderful place to relax. But what makes Vikasa special is the open community and the enthusiasm for transformation and personal growth. Experienced yoga teachers from all over the world accompany you on your journey while supporting what the Sanskrit term "Vikasa" stands for: "blossoming" or "unfolding".

Vikation – Enjoy a multi day retreat

If you would like to experience a holistic wellness programme, book a so-called "Vication" to fully embrace this place. Or spontaneously treat yourself to a wellness day while on holiday and indulge in yoga, brunch and a Thai massage.


4. Freedom Project Phuket

Freedom Project Phuket is still a hidden treasure in Thailands yoga scene. The small shala on the hillside may be less luxurious, but the view that awaits you here is something that any five-star hotel in Phuket would be proud of.

While practicing yoga in an elevated position, you can let your gaze wander over the jungle to the vast ocean that unfolds in front of your eyes.

With her creative yoga flows, yoga teacher Sana shares the teachings of yoga beyond gymnastic exercises. She creates an atmosphere that not only offers physical freedom thanks to the magnificent view and ease of movement. But also inner clarity and liberation from mental challenges.

Here you don't need relaxing music played on tape. In shavasana, a soothing soundtrack of Tibetan gongs, the gentle rhythm of the waves and chirping birds awaits you.

Do you want to immerse yourself even deeper in the world of relaxation? Book a yoga class that includes a full sound bath.


5. STAY OM Studio

OM Studio is part of the beautifully maintained and spacious hotel and fitness complex STAY in Rawai. Although the yoga shala is indoors, it has an open design with bamboo poles allowing soft light to enter the space. Especially in rainy season or during the evening hours, you can find true peace and quiet here in shavasana without hungry mosquitoes flying around.

At OM STUDIO, only Thai yoga teachers who have studied in India teach their classes in an authentic and spiritual way.


Two smiling yogis standing in a yoga studio in Thailand with bamboo piles.
© Milena Magerl

5. Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort

The wellness resort is dedicated to the teachings of Ayurveda. It offers a blissful break to relax and rebalance your doshas. Mangosteen follows a holistic approach combining therapeutic programmes, spa treatments and yoga.

Alongside multi-day Panchakarma treatments, nutrition programmes and mental health courses, the resort in Rawai offers yoga retreats all year round.

But even if you are not staying overnight, you might be lucky enough to spontaneously take part. Classes are taking place in the beautiful Ananda Shala or even outside on the terrace in the wooden Prana Shala. Especially in the low season, it is usually possible to find a free yoga mat.

If you plan to join a yoga class, please contact the resort in advance to ask for the daily schedule and rates.


6. Lotus Wellness

In a quiet corner of Sathorn, there is a charming old Thai house in colonial style, surrounded by a large garden. Here you can embark on your very own journey of well-being.

When you enter the whitewashed veranda and open the old bolts of the small door, you enter a room filled with gongs and singing bowls. The calming energy immediately has a positive effect on your state of mind.

Owner Melanie and her experienced team offer a wide range of courses, including Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi as well as Reiki, meditation and treatments with sound.

Sound bathing is taken literally here, as some of the popular sessions take place outside in a small floating pool. Close your eyes, relax and let the sounds take you to other spheres.


6. Vedana Bangkok

Patom Organic Living is a wonderful hideaway that provides sustainable relaxation. Surrounded by lush greenery, you can practise yoga in a natural environment without exposing your lungs to the city air.

Yoga classes are regularly offered in the beautiful glass shala Vedana offering an open space with floor-to-ceiling windows. You can hear the chirping birds and clucking chickens from your yoga mat. You might even completely forget that you are actually in a gigantic Thai metropolis.

Find more infos about the schedule, special offers and what else to do in that beautiful space.


The Yogashala at Patom Organic Living feels like an oasis in the big city of Bangkok. A place to breathe, unwind and slow down and forget the fast paced lifestyle of the urban environment.
© Milena Magerl | Lukas Popp

7. The Green Room Yoga

In a metropolis like Bangkok, it's not easy to keep your feet on the ground between all the skyscrapers and rooftop bars. If you want to get your head out of the clouds, you should visit The Green Room Yoga in Sukhumvit.

Every time I practice yoga here, I fall in love with Bangkok all over again. Because the small studio with its many plants and cozy atmosphere allows you to escape the hectic energy of the city while still feeling at the centre of it all when looking through the windows.

Find out more about this homely studio, its schedule, rates, special offers and recommended yoga teachers.


A young woman practicing yoga in a light flooded yoga studio in Bangkok with massive Tibetan gongs in the background.
© Lukas Popp | Milena Magerl

8. Wild Rose Yoga

Practicing yoga at Wild Rose feels like coming home. Wrapped in the scent of incense sticks, you feel like you're doing yoga in the cosy atmosphere of your own living room.

In the heart of Chiang Mai, the small traditional Thai wooden house is a real sanctuary that brings like-minded yogis and yoginis together.

Find out more about this beautiful studio, their schedule and with whom to practice and what not to miss, when coming here.


Wild Rose Yoga is tucked away on a quiet back alley in Chiang Mai's Old Town. The ideal place to practice yoga in Thailand.
© Milena Magerl

9. Suan Sati

The architectural design as well as the peaceful energy emanating from the shala of Suan Sati remind me of a sacred temple. Surrounded by an impressive landscape, this retreat is a place of community. You feel invited and inspired to connect with yourself, nature and your fellow human beings.

In the winter months from November to February, you can join organised retreats. From March to September, the retreat centre opens its doors and its heart to guests who would like to stay for a few days individually, taking part in classes and workshops onsite.


10. Kalm Village

Dedicated to arts, crafts and culture, Kalm Village creates exhibitions of local artisans and offers workshops and talks to empower the local community. The cultural center is situated in a quiet area in the heart of Chiang Mai.

Every weekend (and occasionally on additional dates) you can join a yoga and meditation session in the beautiful glass pavilion on the top floor of the cultural complex. On Sundays a special yoga class and sound bath is offered. I recommend to book in advance, as space is limited and in high demand.

If you want to enjoy fantastic sunsets while practicing, it’s especially good to visit in the months of December, January and February. You can take in the view over the rooftops with Wat Chedi Luang in the background. Be sure to arrive early and spend some time here. Try their absolutely delicious regional tea or wander through the architecturally impressive halls and galleries.

Friday & Saturday Yoga Classes: 400 THB

Sunday Special Yoga & Sound Bath: 500 THB

Kalm Village offers a 10 class pass for 3000 THB, which is eligible for all yoga sessions classes with an additional charge of 100 baht extra if you would like to join yoga on Sunday. All passes are sharable and have no expiration date.


A beautiful glass pavilion on a roof top that looks like a Thai temple with ethnic fabric decorated.
© Milena Magerl


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