Unwind at Orion Healing on Koh Phangan

Located in a peaceful secluded bay, this sanctuary is much more than just a yoga studio. Orion Healing is a great place to spend a full day - or maybe even your whole vacation?

Orion Healing, a tropical, secluded bay in Thailand with a little bamboo hut and palm trees in front of the blue ocean.
© Milena Magerl

Orion Healing

LOCATION: 15 15/2 Moo8 Srithanu Koh-phangan Koh Phangan, 2 Koh Phangan Surat Thani 84280, Thailand

CLASSES: Multiple times from morning to early evening, usually for 75 or 90 minutes.

ENERGY EXCHANGE: 400 THB Drop-In, 5/10 class passes available (1750/3000 THB, Unlimited 4500 THB

FAVORITE CLASS: Jivamukti with Minerva or Gentle Vinyasa with Nola

NOT TO MISS: Kirtan on Wednesday evening

AFTER CLASS: Nourish body and soul with healthy cuisine at Orion Healing Café. See below for food recommendations.

It was in 2015 that I came to Orion Healing on Koh Phangan the first time. Since then, I've returned almost every year for a few weeks of self-care and spiritual expansion.

The retreat gives you the opportunity to focus exclusively on positive and beneficial habits and a healthy lifestyle. It will enable you to gather all your strength to do the inner work. Prepare yourself for the ultimate transformation (If I exaggerate here, then only a little bit!).

Here you will find the weekly yoga, workshop and event calendar. I recommend to chose a monthly unlimited class pass which includes the use of sauna, steam room and ice bath.

© Milena Magerl

Starting at sunrise until after sunset, various yoga classes and a wide range of different workshops and trainings are offered. Simply create your own schedule and try out the different courses, from the most intense to deeply relaxing.

Breathwork and Reiki, Sound Healing or Human Design, you have the opportunity to experience higher levels of consciousness and to immerse yourself in the world of the spiritual scene on Koh Phangan.

Another yoga location you should definitely visit is the stunning, beachfront Anahata Yoga Shala a little further north, right on the shores of Hin Kong's white sands.


A woman practicing yoga in a yoga shala in front of the turquoise ocean in Thailand.

Detox at Orion Healing

In the past, it was mostly international detox guests who found their way to Orion Healing, booked in for a multi-day fasting experience. Indeed, the retreat center is renowned for cleansing programs, which are truly excellent and professionally guided and supervised.

From intermittent fasting to short cleansing cycles, complete renewal and revitalisation, But this does not mean suffering, renunciation or sacrifice at all – you can choose from four-day to 28-day programs. But don't worry, that sounds long but your fasting time is filled with beneficial nourishment from therapeutic massages, energetic yoga or healing Reiki sessions.

And instead of missing something, you will experience regaining precious qualities and rediscovering capabilities that have been forgotten or overlaid by useless thoughts and believes in the hustle fo everyday life and society. You may even unleash new, unimagined powers – quite possibly!

Woman drinking a fresh coconut and a tropical alley surrounded by lush greenery.
© Lukas Popp | Milena Magerl

What are the benefits of detoxing?

During detoxification, your body is cleansed of old toxins and useless waste. This also includes emotional baggage that is stored physically. Getting rid of all this has many advantages, of course. First of all, your digestion can recover and regenerate, since it has nothing to do for a while. This pause allows your body to save up energy, which activates your body's natural self-healing powers.

This is an extraordinary experience. Because the moment our body finds its way back to balance, it begins to work and function at its full potential. This often results in many physiological benefits such as reducing the symptoms of many different medical complaints or even slowing down aging.

But the process of fasting also has an effect on your mental health. Your senses become sharpened, your mind becomes clearer, and you come into noticing subtler qualities within and getting more in touch with yourself and your emotions.

© Milena

Nourishment for body and soul at Orion Café

But I can also understand if you can't manage to sign up for a cleansing program, because Orion Healing Café's consciously created healthy treats are just way too delicious to be ignored and exchanged for little portions of psyllium husks and herbal tea.

In the small kitchen, fresh fruits and vegetables and wholesome ingredients like nuts, dates or raw cacao, are transformed into delicious creamy smoothies, fresh salads and way too beautiful desserts that don't make you feel guilty and instead create a good feeling in both body and soul.

Want to take some of the recipes home to enjoy a little Orion Heeling spirit in your own kitchen? Take a vegan cooking class.

Everything is vegan, there's a lot of raw food, and the culinary creations are mouthwatering from more than just an aesthetic standpoint. You'll also feel the vibrant and soothing qualities during and after your meal. My personal favourites are the smoothies "Orion" and "Parvati", Protein salad and Shakti Bowl.

Enjoy this deliciousness while hanging out on colourful cushions in small bamboo huts or swaying in a hammock with a view of the sea. The desire to linger just a little longer will be ever-present, I promise.

At high tide, I recommend renting one of the stand-up paddles. It's truly an unforgettable vacation experience to watch from the water as the sun sinks into the ocean.

© Milena Magerl

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