Yoga in Bali – The best yoga studios on the magical island

A visit to Bali is probably on every yogi's bucket list, as the island of the gods is home to incredible energies. Magical Bali has become a true holistic hub for yoga over the last few decades. Here are my tips for the most beautiful places to practice yoga in Bali.

Practice with world-class yoga instructors in awe-inspiring shalas. Be enveloped by magnificent nature and connect with Bali's profound spiritual roots. Whether you're an experienced yogi or just beginning to explore the yoga world, there's a wide range of yoga studios here to (re) discover your innermost self.

Asiatique wooden pond filled with water and a golden bowl, rose leafs and marigold flowers.
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Yoga in Bali – Where to practice and how to find your personal best spot

Ok, your trip is booked, your yoga mat rolled up, and now the only question left is where should you go to practice? Which yoga destination is the right one for you?

There are many places on the island where you can find yoga schools to join a yoga class. But you can dive into very different atmospheres and settings in Bali. I'll introduce you to a few areas so you can easily choose the perfect spot for you.

Ubud: This cultural center is surrounded by temples and jungle. It is considered the "capital" of the Bali yoga cosmos and you can find some of the very first yoga sanctuaries here that opened on the island. You will definitely meet like-minded yogi souls.

Canggu: You don't want to take off too high into the spiritual spheres? What originally was a laid-back surfer town is now a bohemian paradise for all kinds of sports and café enthusiasts. Enjoy a beach walk after class or sip a fresh coconut with your new yogi friends at one of the chic beach clubs.

Uluwatu: Rocky cliffs overgrown with plants, spectacular views, white sandy beaches, a pleasant sea breeze and wild waves - nature is very present here. You can spend your days with yoga, surfing and relaxing on the beach.

Amed: One of the quieter areas on Bali, the small village faces the sea and features a majestic view of Gunung Agung. While some say that there is nothing going on here, it is exactly this silence where others find their source of inspiration.

North Bali: In the northern parts of Bali you will find many retreats and eco resorts that offer yoga classes and meditation. If you head north, spend some time at Bali Eco Stay or at Sumberkima Hill Resort.

Yoga on the neighbouring islands:

If you are planing to visit Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and the Gilis, you can look forward to real island feeling. My personal favorite for a little get away is Nusa Lembongan.

Expect slow life but at the same time there is a lot to explore. The underwater world is beautiful and you can visit mangrove forests and seaweed gardens. My favourite place to practice yoga is the wooden shala at Yoga Bliss Lembongan.

1. Alchemy Yoga & Meditation Center

From afar, the two shalas of the Alchemy Yoga & Meditation Center seem like two giant turtle shells. Surrounded by a small garden, you can experience traditional Tantra and Hatha Yoga in the shelter of this architectural design.

The classes of the yoga studio are oriented around the four elements of water, fire, air and earth. It is an inspiration to practice and study in community.

By the way, Alchemy Yoga & Meditation Center is opening another branch in Uluwatu end of 2023. After a yoga session, you can refuel in their garden restaurant. I just say: unbelievably delicious desserts and vegan stone-baked pizza.

A woman practicing yoga in a bamboo shala in Ubud, Bali, surrounded by warm light.
© Lukas Popp

2. Ubud Yoga House

Vibrant neon green rice fields everywhere you look. The location of the Ubud Yoga House is simply fantastic. Framed by a small river and the lush jungle, it's definitely a place where you can post on Instagram a "yoga with a view" story.

If you like it cozy and familiar, this is the right place for you. There is an open yoga shala in the middle of nature. And a wide terrace from where you can watch the rice farmers while balancing in tree pose. The schedule includes energetic sunrise classes, as well as gentle sessions for beginners.

Bali inhabits very powerful and high energies. If you don't know what I'm talking about yet, you will feel it as soon as you arrive on the island. Just keep your senses awake to fully immerse yourself in it.

3. The Yoga Barn

Probably the most popular place to practice yoga in Bali is The Yoga Barn. The spacious yoga venue with a beautiful shala, a lovely garden and café is a cosmos of its own. Here you can experience healing in a variety of ways. From vinyasa yoga to conscious meditation, shamanic breathwork to tantra teachings, you can expand your spiritual spectrum in all directions.

I first visited The Yoga Barn over ten years ago. Back then I was able to enjoy a yoga session with only two other yogis present. Today, the classes are almost always packed. I definitely recommend arriving early to get a spot in the sacred space. The energy that arises when people practice close together, mat to mat, is truly unique here.

Find out more about my favourite classes and teachers at this one of a kind spiritual yoga and healing center. And why you should definitely come here on a Friday evening or Sunday morning.

Class rates:

Drop-in 150k IDR, 3 Class Pass 420k IDR, 5 Class Pass 675k IDR, 10 Class Pass 1.3 Mil IDR, unlimited pass (1 month) 2.6 Mil IDR

Ecstatic Dance, Kirtan 150k IDR, Night Events 250k – 400k IDR

The wooden shala of the famous yoga studio The Yoga Barn in Ubud on Bali.
© Milena Magerl

4. Nālandā Ubud

This yoga school has only recently been added to the yoga landscape of Ubud. Already after a few weeks this place is filled with a warm, heartfelt energy. It is a truly spiritual place that understands itself not as a modern yoga studio. But as a school of higher knowledge and yogic art.

Nālandā Ubud is named after the renowned monastic university of the ancient kingdom of Magadha in India. The yoga school is located in Penestanan area. The beautiful shalas are surrounded by a truly sacred neighbourhood of a traditional Balinese temple, the wild jungle and an energetic river.

What I like most about this place is that it not only absorbs Bali's incredibly powerful energy. But it also integrates it as mainly Indonesian yoga teachers give classes. If you visit, you might even be lucky enough to experience a wonderful Yoga Pranala session with founder Linda Madani. She is a truly authentic and genuine soul.

Class rates:

Drop-in 110k IDR, 5 class Pass 400k IDR, 10 class Pass 650k IDR, 15 class pass 900k IDR

Bring some rupiahs as you can only pay with cash.

5. Intuitive Flow

This is the sister studio of Nālandā Ubud, equally found by Linda Madani. Following a small path through nature accompanied by the sounds of the jungle, you might sense the calming effect of this special place.

The yoga studio Intuitive Flow is located in the middle of wilderness and the broad glass front of the indoor shala reveals a panoramic view of Ubud.

Class rates:

Drop-in 110k IDR, 5 class Pass 400k IDR, 10 class Pass 650k IDR, 15 class pass 900k IDR

Bring some rupiahs as you can only pay with cash.

Top Yoga Studios on Bali


















6. Radiantly Alive

If you prefer a serene environment, Radiantly Alive offers a shala that will suit your energy. Immerse yourself in the spiritual bubble of Ubud and find yourself in a welcoming and heartwarming yoga community that will immediately make you feel at home.

Here it does not matter if you are a experienced yoga practitioner or just embarking on your yoga journey. At Radiantly Alive you will find a supportive environment that encourages growth and connection. Each class provides a unique opportunity to tap into your inner strength and find peace within your own power. 

Read more about the studio, their offers and with whom you should definitely practice yoga.


Class rates:

Drop-in 150k IDR, 3 Class Pass 420k IDR, unlimited week 1 Mil IDR, unlimited pass (1 month) 2.3 Mil IDR.

A woman practicing yoga in the shala of the yoga studio Radiantly Alive in Ubud surrounded by a lush jungle.
© Lukas Popp | Milena Magerl

7. The Practice

Tucked away in a quiet side alley of the buzzing Jalan Batu Bolong you will find a true temple of tranquility The Practice. As you enter the space and walk up the bamboo-framed stairs, you'll notice a calming but potent atmosphere that fills the impressive shala.

When we turn our attention inward, we can discover all the powers that lie dormant within us. We often overlook these qualities as there are so many distractions that confuse us and mislead us away from our inner truth. The Practice is truly a place where you can withdraw from the outside world and find inner connection.

Please keep your eyes open to check if there might be a kirtan offered while you are there. It is a beautiful opportunity to live Bhakti Yoga and chant with deep devotion and gratitude to something greater than ourselves. And of course to listen to Ellen Arthur's beautiful voice and her musicians. The energy is absolutely powerful and healing, and I always float home humming afterwards.

But don't mistake it for a refuge to turn away from everything. It is a mindful space of conscious attentiveness and devotion to create kindness to others. If you're grateful for your existence, you'll experience ultimate liberation.

All teachers at The Practice follow the traditional lineage of Sri Vidya. They share the path of Hatha Yoga through the practice of Moon, Sun and Fire. Hatha Yoga Sun is energizing. The Moon practice is grounding and meditative. I love to practice this sequence in the early morning as well as in the evening. And during the Fire practice the Prana (life force) is stimulated.

Class rates:

Drop-in 150k IDR, 5 Class Pass 690k IDR, unlimited pass (1 month) 2.7 Mil IDR.

8. Guan Yin Yoga Shala

A very nice place to do yoga is the small, discrete Guan Yin Yoga shala. It is located in the artistic design hotel TUGU near the beach. You can take part in Kundalini classes, practice Vinyasa and Hatha, or learn the Ashtanga series here. Unlike most yoga venues in Canggu, classes are rarely crowded. You can look forward to some wonderfully restorative moments.

Come for an afternoon class. Afterwards, wind down the evening with gorgeous sunset views on the rooftop terrace of the Japanese restaurant next door.

Class rates:

Walk in price 130k IDR, 10 class pass 1.1 Mil IDR, private class 750k IDR

9. The Path Bali

In a hidden alley of Pererenan, you'll find a charming whitewashed backyard that belongs to The Path. Far from the ever-present hum of scooter engines, this hideaway offers an escape into a realm of profound equanimity.

You will have the feeling of drifting off into another world as soon as you enter the studio's grounds. There is both an outdoor and indoor shala. Especially in the rainy season or during the evening mosquito hours, the latter provides an extra dose of relaxation.

The studio offers an abundance of resources to not only "train" your asana techniques, but also your spirit. Please join my dear friend Meli. She is a wonderful soul who shares her heartwarming kindness in soothing reiki infused yin classes. I can also recommend practicing with Bernd and Shanti Karolina.

Class rates: Drop-in is 120k IDR. 5 class pass costs 480k IDR. Unlimited access is 1.5 Mil IDR.

A bronze buddha statue in front of a simple white wall.
© Milena Magerl

10. Chandra Yoga

Flowing through your sun salutations while enjoying a view of rice fields? Yes, also in Canggu this is still possible – ok well, at least in the neighbouring village of Pererenan.

Chandra Yoga's wooden shala is located by a small river and surrounded by lush treetops. It almost feels like becoming one with nature. This environment will help you come back down to earth when you feel swept away by the powerful energies of the expat community in Canggu.

Classes are taught exclusively by Indonesian yoga instructors. The focus lies on traditional aspects of strengthening the body and mind and learning to be more flexible. I'm not just talking about physical performance on the mat, of course. What I particularly like is that you can practice your sun salutations on environmentally friendly cork mats.

Class rates:

You can join a yoga session for 130k IDR, buy a 5 class pass or 1 week unlimited for 600k IDR. Or you treat yourself with a month of unlimited classes for 1.5 Mil IDR.

11. Udara

In the seaside village of Seseh lies an almost mystical retreat center named Udara. Translated, this name means "air" in Indonesian. It is precisely this element that you can experience here. As you sway in soft hammocks during an aerial yoga session in the wooden open air shala, a gentle breeze blows through your hair. It's a fantastic feeling of freedom.

In the yoga school of Udara in the seaside village of Sees you can enjoy breathtaking sunset over the ocean of Bali.
© Milena Magerl

I suggest you come here in the early evening hours, when the sun is getting closer to the horizon. From your yoga mat you can witness a spectacular sunset that bathes the waves in front of you and the surrounding landscape in a golden light. For sunset sessions, make sure to register in advance. The absolute highlight is the Relaxing Sound Float, where you enjoy all of this plus a soothing sound bath.

My favorite yoga classes and spiritual gatherings include the Friday morning Osho Meditation and the aerial yoga classes guided by Martina and Quantum Breathwork with Gus Wira.

Class rates: 130k IDR to drop-in. 660k IDR for 6 classes. 1 month unlimited for 1.7 Mil IDR.

12. Blue Earth Village

Amed, on Bali's east coast, has managed to sustain a peaceful rhythm in harmony with nature. Both above and below the water, there is much to discover there. What you definitely shouldn't miss is a yoga class at Blue Earth Village's shala.

High above Jemeluk Bay, which glistens in all shades of blue, the shala Deep Flow Training and Spa is perched on a hill. It is certainly the most beautiful yoga shala in Amed. But for me also one of the most impressive I have ever visited.

While meditating and practicing asanas in the open bamboo shala, you have a breathtaking view of the majestic Gunung Agung and the wide ocean. Not so easy to concentrate on the practice with this scenery! But no need to worry, though. Because you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the view after your shavasana, too, while you refuel with colourful salads and curries at the restaurant.

Read more about the studio, their offers, which teachers you should practice with and what else to do in Amed.


14. Aylan Yoga School

Probably the most impressive place for a yoga class in Uluwatu is the Aylan Yoga School, located inside the luxurious wellness complex The Istana. It is not the architecture of the shala that makes it so special, but its unique setting on a dramatic cliff overlooking the open blue sea.

The Istana is a detox retreat, inviting you to detoxify from the external distracting influences and to practice digital abstinence. As you enter the retreat grounds, you will have to leave your phone at the front desk. Maybe you might want to take this as an opportunity to intentionally drop all of your worries and to-dos there as well.

From the shala you can look across the wide open lawn to the ocean. In the evening, after your class, you can sit by the romantic fireplace and enjoy the sky full of stars. Or you can book yourself in for a spa treatment and pamper your tired muscles with an ice bath and sauna.

Be sure to join a class with Adam and a Kundalini session with Aylan herself. Meditation, kirtan, and bhakti retreats are also offered here regularly.

Class rates: A drop-in costs 150k Rupiah; combined with a visit to the spa, you'll pay 350k Rupiah.

13. Morning Light Yoga

Right next door, you can roll out your yoga mat at Morning Light Yoga. The open teak shala belongs to the picturesque but quite expensive Uluwatu Surf Villas. But even if you don't stay here, you are welcome to join a yoga class.

Framed by a pretty aling-aling roof and a lot of greenery, this place also offers a stunning view of the ocean. Listen to the natural sound of the sea and Bali wildlife waking up while finding your balance during class.

As the name already implies, you can greet the morning light here at an early hour, practicing daily at 7:30 am.

Drop-Ins are 150k Rupiah and pre-booking is not required.

15. The Space Bali

Despite being located in the heart of Bingin, the elevated first-floor setting, bright interiors and panoramic windows at The Space Bali create a friendly ambiance. The white painted walls are symbolic for a space of inspiration and open-mindedness.

A young woman practicing yoga in a light flooded bamboo studio with a white floor and panoramic windows.
© Lukas Popp | Milena Magerl

If you enjoy kicking off your days with energizing vinyasa sessions, surfing the ocean waves, and relaxing in the evenings with soul-soothing yin yoga, then you've found your ultimate vacation spot.

I suggest you try an acroyoga class with the acrobatic duo Double Up. You'll experience true team spirit and see the world from completely new perspectives – literally. The two guide in a fantastic and safe way and the classes are simply a lot of fun and a chance to let your inner child play freely.

Class rates:

Usually it is 150k IDR to join a class, sometimes sound healing experiences are 200k IDR. Workshops are 150k to 750k depending on the offer.

If you're here to explore you can buy a 10 class pass for 1.1 Mil. IDR or an unlimited monthly excess for 2.8 Mil IDR.

16. La Tribu Bali

Mediterranean lifestyle meets Bali magic. The art and movement studio La Tribu Bali is a creative playground that encourages you to experience the world through the eyes of a child and learn new things with an open mind.

Try out different types of movement, including aerial yoga, calisthenics, vinyasa yoga and capoeira. Or choose to explore your creative side in a meditative painting and ceramics class.

Class rates:

Join a yoga session for 150k IDR, aerial yoga for 250k IDR or an art class for 350k IDR. Attend 5 classes of your choice over the period of 2 months for 650k IDR or dedicate a month to art and movement for 2.5 Mil IDR.

17. Power of Now Oasis

On the left a bamboo shala surrounded by lush greenery. On the right a young woman practicing yoga in a bamboo architecture.
© Milena Magerl | Lukas Popp

Power of Now Oasis is a beautiful place that always reminds me of how I perceived Bali during my first visit more than ten years ago. Tucked away in a pretty garden right on the coast of Sanur, it is a place where yoga is truly lived and shared with authenticity and heartfelt joy. Shala translates as "home" and that is exactly what this place embodies.

"Did you try any of the recommended studios? Or have you been to another yoga studio that I didn't mention but you loved? Please let me know about it and I'll be sure to visit it soon. Thank you so much, terima kasih!"

Love, Milena

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