Blue Earth Village Amed – An ode to the high energy of Bali

Blue Earth Village in Amed is a truly special place. In the presence of the much worshipped volcano Agung, you can allow yourself to open up and perceive the deep energies of Bali while practicing yoga.

© Milena Magerl | Lukas Popp


LOCATION: Amed St, Bunutan, Abang, Karangasem Regency, Bali

CLASSES: Daily 9am and Monday till Friday 5.30pm for 90 minutes, Saturday 3pm

ENERGY EXCHANGE: 120k IDR Drop-In, 5/10 class passes available

FAVORITE CLASS: Vinyasa Yoga with Marta

NOT TO MISS: Keep your eyes open for any Acro Yoga workshops with "The Double Up"

AFTER CLASS: Enjoy a post yoga fruit bowl or sunset dinner at Blue Earth Restaurant.

Yoga with a view

As soon as we unroll our yoga mats or sit on our meditation cushion, we are ready – or at least do our best – to be all present. To leave all that is bold and loud from the external world outside as we enter our internal world.

It is a meditative state without running on autopilot.

For me, it's the experience of being fully concentrated on the asana sequence and yet I'm completely with myself, becoming a witness.

But I have to admit at Blue Earth Village, I feel completely different. It's really one of those places where it's difficult for me to intentionally turn my focus inward. You might think, then why are you recommending this place to me?

Oh, I promise you, there are some good reasons. To your right is that stunning view of the sea, and straight ahead the majestic sight of Gunung Agung, whose mighty aura always draws my gaze, as I am sure it will draw yours.

Ein Yogashala mit Blick auf den Vulkan Agung auf Bali.
© Milena Magerl

Experiencing non-duality in Amed

The visual component alone would be reason enough to repeatedly shifting your attention back to the outer world. At first, making it challenging to concentrate on the asanas or a continous deep breath. As this view is literally breathtaking.

However, in these moments of awe, not only are all our senses fully receptive, but our heart and mind are wide open and ready to receive and absorb powerful energies.

I believe that this is a wonderful opportunity for us to become aware of subtle aspects that we would not normally notice.

The volcano, the ocean and the vibrancy of the jungle by your side, it is truly a high-energy environment in which to practice. Simply try to embrace everything.

Eventually, a sense of interconnectedness might emerge.

Classes at Blue Earth Village

My favourite yoga teacher at Blue Earth Village is Marta. She has been living and teaching in Amed for several years and calls this shala her yoga home.

Her classes include all the important aspects of a vinyasa class. Setting an intention, movement guided by the breath (ujjayi). A practice working with bandas (energy locks) and drishti (concentrated gaze).

She will help you always move with awareness and in synchronisation with your breath. Sometimes slowly, sometimes energetically, creating conscious presence in all of your motions.

© Milena Magerl

If you fancy turning your world upside down, ask if the DoubleUp team is currently offering any Acro Yoga workshops while you are there. The two instructors Flo and Lloydie teach you the basics and creative transitions of Acro Yoga in a playful way. It will be fun, regardless of whether you have never done Acro Yoga before or already have some experience.

Meditation under the surface

Blue Earth Village originally emerged from the Apneista freediving school that opened in 2010. Over time, more and more enthusiastic freedivers found their way to the small coastal village. And eventually they have created a very laidback and joyful community.

In fact, yoga and freediving have a lot in common. Both are practices that encourage you to turn your focus to your breath and invite you on an introspective journey.

Freediving is often described as meditation underwater and the experience as a profound feeling of inner peace and freedom. Something you may also have witnessed in a yoga class as well.

I can highly recommend to combine your yoga practice with a two-day-course at the school of Apneista. Become the master of your own breath!

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