Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival 2024: Celebrate life in Mallorca

The Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival in Mallorca is an invitation to (re)connect. With mother nature, everyone around you and yourself. It is a celebration of life through spiritual teachings, sound and movement in community. A joyful place of harmony for all living beings.

© Milena Magerl


LOCATION: Only Summer, Llubí, Mallorca, Spain

DATE: 29 August – 1 September 2024 (4 Days)

TICKETS: Full Festival Pass 390 Euro and various day passes available

NOT TO MISS: Kirtan with Kevin James Carroll

Imagine a wide open space surrounded by lush Mediterranean nature and the high mountains of Tramuntana looming beyond. A gentle breeze blows through your hair. The air is filled with the scent of incense and the essential oils of the pine trees around you.

The sun radiates brightly in the sky. Her soothing warmth feels like a gentle blanket in the crisp air of late summer. You hear the gentle sounds of guitars and cheerful laughter. Children jump through the grass and yogis practice in the shade of a natural-coloured tarpaulin.

In the background, people are dancing with their eyes closed, surrendering completely to the rhythm. Right next to you, two people in beautiful people in free-flowing robes are joyfully approaching each other for a hug. I am not romanticising some kind of utopia. Because this heaven like paradise of harmony and love really exists. It is created once a year at the Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival on the balearic island of Mallorca.

© Milena Magerl

The first Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival was celebrated in September 2023. Artists and teachers from all over the world, including AWARË, Kevin James Carroll, Krishnatakis came together on the island. Sharing their love of music, movement and spiritual teachings from the bottom of their hearts. A peaceful place of community, mutual empowerment and growth was created.

This year, 2024, the festival will happen once again. Taking place in the heart of the island on the magnificent grounds of finca "Only Summer" in Llubi. For four days, you can indulge yourself creatively in the midst of nature. Explore your finer layers of consciousness through your body's senses with yoga, meditation, wisdom talks, music workshops, art and movement of all kinds.

Various vegan and vegetarian delicacies will be served. And you can spend your time discovering sustainable products from the island at the small market.

This year's festival will once again bring atmospheric and spiritual artists to the island. Including Nessi Gomes, Pavan-ji from The Hanuman Project, who I already know from their kirtans in Bali, and Janax Pacha. I am especially looking forward to Kevin James Carroll returning.

Moreover, international yoga and embodiment teachers from the island as well as local practitioners and artists will share their offerings and various teachings at the festival.

I can especially recommend joining movement artist Daniel Sonic Rojas, practicing with Gabriela Bozic or with Nina-Gyana and Jasmin from Yoga del Mar and surrendering to the deeply transformative sound of my friend Giñtarė.

© Milena Magerl

There are different ticket options. For the full weekend experience it is 390 Euro. A day pass on Thursday is 90 Euro only, all other days cost 140 Euros.

There is a special offer for groups of friends – 1400 Euro for four people. All tickets include free water refills on site and free parking. Flights, accommodation, food and drinks are not covered by the price. You can eat at the festival site or bring your own drinks and snacks.

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Is there an option to volunteer at the festival? 

Yes, you can join a team of volunteers on site. Please send an email to the organisers (

What to bring to the festival grounds?

I recommend bringing your own yoga mat (no rental on site, but the option to buy a new mat). As well as a refillable water bottle, sun lotion, something to keep you warm in the evening and a blanket to sit on and enjoy the sun in between the programme. Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival is a drug-free event – smoking, alcol and drugs are not allowed.

Book your accommodation on site in a luxurious glamping tent (min. 3 nights) or at a hotel, hostel or Airbnb for example in Llubi, Sineu, Inca, Santa Maria or Palma.

I recommend spending your nights in an Airbnb. But I also stayed in one of these sustainable tents during a retreat on the island in 2021. And I can still remember how comfortably I slept.

© Milena Magerl

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