Joyful practice at Wild Rose Yoga in the heart of Chiang Mai

Following small side streets in the old town of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, you will find a wooden teak house surrounded by palm trees and jasmine flowers. At first sight it seems like a traditional and modest Thai home, and in a way it actually is. Because for many yogis and yoginis Wild Rose Yoga feels as intimate and welcoming as their own home. 

Wild Rose Yoga is tucked away on a quiet back alley in Chiang Mai's Old Town.
 © Milena Magerl


LOCATION: Lane 4/1 Alleyway Phra Pok Klao Rd, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200

CLASSES: Daily at 8am, 10am and 5.30pm for 90 minutes.

ENERGY EXCHANGE: 300 THB per session, 5/10 class passes available (1250/2400 THB)

FAVORITE CLASS: Ayurvedic Vinyasa Yoga Flow

NOT TO MISS: When you visit, ask if there might be a kirtan happening. The Bhakti ritual of chanting mantras together gives your stay in Chiang Mai the most joyful vibrations. 

AFTER CLASS: Nourish yourself at my friends Aum Vegetarian Restaurant with some delicious vegan Thai food or get the best smoothie bowls in town at Reform Kafé.

Thus the shala of Wild Rose Yoga really fulfils its definition, because translated from Sanskrit, shāla means house or home. A calming yet lively welcoming atmosphere awaits you, inviting you to pause for a while. It's like visiting your best friend, in whose presence you can let go, find serenity and also have fun and be your true self.

Upon entering the studio, you are warmly greeted. To maintain the Thai gesture of respect and also to cleanse the yoga space from negative or faded energies, you can wash your hands as well as your feet before the yoga classes begin. You will enter the wooden floor of the yoga shala with a pure mind and body. 

Playful and well guided yoga classes

Classes at Wild Rose Yoga, are taught by experienced Thai and international yoga instructors, who live and share their years of yoga studies with authenticity and a joyful heart.

Here you can expect no commercially oriented classes in which chanting OM is forgotten or the practice of pranayama neglected. Wild Rose Yoga integrates all aspects and limbs of yoga.

In addition to Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga elements and aspects of Ayurveda are also integrated into the classes. Alignment-based classes by Kru Gernot provide ideal guidance for yoga beginners. Those who like to challenge themselves physically will have a lot of fun with their own asana practice in Kru May's or Kru Annies classes.

Every morning the entrance to the studio in Chiang Mai is decorated with fresh flowers.
© Milena Magerl

A yoga practice from the heart

The name of the wooden yoga shala was chosen for three reasons. Its location, Chiang Mai, is known in Thailand as the rose of the north. Surrounded by rolling mountain hills and countless temples, the entire city radiates an unrushed, almost village-like atmosphere. If you think city life doesn't invite you to take a deep breath and unwind, you can convince yourself of the opposite here. 

"Our devotion to yoga is shaped by dedication, joy and celebration."

Wild Rose Yoga

Wild Rose Yoga is also meant to remind yoga students of a wild rose that is not affected by external circumstances. A beautiful metaphor, because this self-awareness is ultimately yogic in nature, finding true peace within.

And finally, it is also the name of its foundress. And those who know Rose, know that she too has an energetic nature within her. She beams brightly and shares her kind energy with everyone visiting her sanctuary.

You can simply choose to drop-in spontaneously for 300 THB per session. Or get a 5 class pass for 1000 THB (valid for 30 days) or a 10 class pass for 2400 THB (valid for 60 days).

Rose has created a place where self love and kindness are spoken from the deepest truth. Yoga is taught here with both depth and playfulness, reminiscent not least of the Thai expression "เลน โยคะ" , playing yoga, remembered.

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