Garden oasis in the urban jungle at Patom Organic Living

Patom Organic Living is a place where every day feels like a Sunday. A day dedicated to doing nothing. Friends meet in the cute little café, practice yoga or borrow some picnic blankets to hang out on the green lawn outside. It is a retreat for busy Bangkok souls.

The Yogashala at Patom Organic Living feels like an oasis in the big city of Bangkok. A place to breathe, unwind and slow down and forget the fast paced lifestyle of the urban environment.
© Milena Magerl | Lukas Popp


LOCATION: 9, 2 Soi Phrom Phak, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

CLASSES: Ashtanga with @yogashala.bkk, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Sound Healing

ENERGY EXCHANGE: 600-800 THB per session, depends on the teacher

NOT TO MISS: Sound Healing with @soundofsanti, High vibe yoga class with @aeirory

AFTER CLASS: Hydrate yourself in the garden café with a whole fresh coconut or enjoy some traditional Thai desserts

Well, I admit, I love city life almost as much as I love the outdoors. Just as I like roaming through lonely forests, I also enjoy roaming around the urban jungle. It's a good thing that the Thai capital somehow combines both in its own unique way. Pardon me? Bangkok? Isn't that one big desert of concrete, glass and all things artificial?

Yes, in Bangkok this jungle character literally appears everywhere. Not only in the urban form of labyrinthine soi, in housing that, like plants in the jungle, ranges from very small huts spread out on the ground like moss to gigantic skyscrapers rising into the air.

© Lukas Popp | Milena Magerl

A retreat for your body, mind and soul

What I like most about Bangkok is that real nature always breaks its way around concrete walls. Green lungs like parks are not very numerous in the Thai capital, but wild plants and banana palms can be found all over the place.

But well, sometimes these little green rays of hope are just not enough. If you are desperate to find back to the natural rhythm, you should make your way to Thong Lo. Here, in a quiet alley, you'll find the tranquil oasis of Patom Organic Living.

Surrounded by lots of plant life, you can forget the urban smog and breathe in and out deeply.
© Milena Mager | Lukas Popp

If you follow the small path that leads through the greenery, you'll find yourself at a glass building with floor-to-ceiling high windows: the yoga shala of Patom Organic Living. Taking a yoga class, you'll feel like the inside and the outside are blending together. Letting you practice in the middle of nature without polluting your lungs with city air.

Even though the sound of the city is also just as varied as in nature, it is not quite as pleasant for the ears and nervous system. That is why you will enjoy the garden sanctuary of Patom Organic Living.

© Lukas Popp | Milena Magerl

My favourite yoga classes at Patom Organic Living

While flowing through your sun salutations at Patom Organic Living you'll hear the birds chirping, and also crowing roosters and happily clucking chickens in the background provide real countryside village vibes. It allows your mind, body and soul to unwind and easily forget for a while that you are actually in a big, bustling and vibrant Asian metropolis.

Most invitations are not only focused on a 90-minute yoga practice, but also inspire you to spend more time in nature. Draw an oracle card, reflect and welcome silence within and without. Or enjoy listening to ocean like energy during a sound bath . Rebalance your body as you listen to the soothing sounds and feel the somatic vibrations.

One of my favourite Bangkokians who regularly holds space at Patom Organic Living is my friend Aei Rory. She is a sunny soul shining from the inside and will definitely make you laugh, even in difficult asanas. As well as Fay Lee from Yoga Shala BKK who is teaching well-guided Ashtanga classes. Mysore practice multiple times throughout the week and Led Half Primary sequence every weekend on Saturdays.

Enormous glass facades provide a panoramic view of Patom Organic Living's lovely garden.
© Milena Magerl

Sound therapy at Patom Organic Living

You are lying on your back and around you resounds the deep intonation of a powerful gong, followed by a gentle jingle and the soft vibration of the Crystal Bowls. With each sound, you can feel your muscles relax, but so does your mind. The high walls and open architecture of Patom Organic Living allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experience and be completely embraced by the therapy of sound.

Our body consists to a large extent of water, which is brought into vibration during a sound healing session and has both a relaxing and energizing effect. You will be transported to other spheres during a sound healing session.

I can highly recommend to join Patty from Sound of Santi and experience her magical crystal bowl concert.

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